The Chrysalis Compendium
Taking Further Steps
Chrisalis CHM-2
(Demostration Record - Not For Sale)
Various Artists - UK 1975
Artists are not mentioned, composers only
Coming Down Your Way (Jackie Lynton) - Wading In The Water (John Hetherington) - When The Beat Gets Big Enough (John Hetherington) - Too Much To Get You (John Hetherington) - Waiting For The Band (Barry Clarke) - Country Funkin (Charley Charles) - Who Knows Where The Wind Blows (Barry Clarke) - Just One Last Waltz (Rupert Hine; David Maclver) - God Thought Power (Rupert Hine; David Maclver) - Whispering Sweet Somethings (Patrick Campbell-Lyons; Alex Spyropoulos) - Two Of A Kind (Patrick Campbell-Lyons; Alex Spyropoulos) - It's A Beautiful Day (Paul Travis) - A Long Story (Eddy Howell) - Miss Amerika (Eddy Howell) - Young Lady (Eddy Howell) - Give My Love (Eddy Howell) - Miracle Worker (David Matthews; Michael Guilgud) - Money Love (Brian Proteroe) - Monkey  (Brian Proteroe) - Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black (Ray Dorset) - Glad I'm A Rocker (Barry Murray) - Gonna Bop 'till I Drop (* Joe Strange ) *AKA Barry Murray