Mungo Jerry British band

Zele - Belgium



Ray Dorset: Lead Vocals - Guitar - Kazoo - Harp - Tambourin
Alan Johnson - Guitar - Backing Vocals
Jonathan Playle - Bass Guitar - Backing Vocals
Marc David - Drums - Backing Vocals
Chris Garret - Keybord - Saxaphone - Mandolin - Backing Vocals



On Stage: 012:15am
Statesbro' Blues - Morning Dew - Dust Pneumonia Blues - Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black - Alright, Alright, Alright - 
Lady Rose - Feels Like I'm In Love (Classic and Coffee Bar Version) - Baby Jump - In The Summertime - Just Can't Say Goodbye - We Have To Go - Rock 'n Roll Rock 'n Roll
Off Stage: 01:25am


Traveled: 308 km
From now on it's much easier to find the locations of the venues thanks to my new vdo navigator, (works better as my wife as vaginator -lol) So this venue was really fast found, too early I arrived in Zele, the band should be on stage at 11:30pm. Hangin' around the location and treid to get in touch with Ray without succes 'til Ray called me just before eleven, the band arrived a few minuts later and with a lot of struggle (again) with the security I walked with Ray into the venue, shaking hands with the new bandmembers, Alan and Marc I met before in Poole UK last year. With a nice chat waiting for "Dave Dee, Dozy, Beacky, Mick & Tich" to get onstage, late indeed. The gig started with the two blues tracks follow up with a range of Mungo standards, a brilliant version of "Feels Like I'm In Love" one of the best I heard live, great musicians there on stage, pity Chris didn't play the sax with this great song, but no worry he played with other songs and in the final he get "out of his mind" with wonderful solo's. Really nice Bassguitar with green leds from Jonathan, the gig ended at 1:15 as planned but we all know Ray, the croud shout for more end ofcourse the band came back for a great 15min Rock 'n Roll final. 
During the gig I saw two fans on the rigth of the stage, to be notable the guy sung all words from all songs along, amazing !! the woman told me her husband was jalous on my shirt with the MJ logo, so we get in touch shortly and I made some photo's with them and Ray, wonderful to meet one of the biggest fans from Belgium, our friendship started here..
After some food and drinks and a nice chat with the band backstage I left the venue, the band to the hotel and I the way home were I arrived somewhere 'round 4:30, because I was tired I didn's push the pedal down as I did earlier that evening, easy cruising was the best thing to do, left my to say thanks to Ray for the Esberg DVD and the whole band for the wonderful evening we had. 
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