Mungo Jerry Britsh band
Winnenden - Germany
2 august 2003
Ray Dorset: Guitar, Harp, Kazoo, Lead vocals
Tim Green: Guitar, Slide Guitar, backing vocals
Toby Hounsham: Keyboards
Matt Round: Bass Guitar
James Davis: Drums
Jarvis: Sound
On Stage: 8:10
Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black - Alright, Alright, Alright - Dust Pneumonia Blues - Lady Rose - Feels Like I'm In Love - Baby Jump - Party Land - In The Summertime - Just Can't Say Goodbye
Off Stage: 8:50



Traveled: 1310 km
The last weekend of our vacation we wanna make special, so we make our journey to Winnenden near Stuttgart in Germany, my daughter stays home "I've been in the car enough this vacation" she said, and she's right because we have bin in the car for 3500 km 'till now. We left home at half past eight this morning. "Fuckin'' hot on this saturday not realy a pleasure to drive that long (no airco in the car), halfway up Germany the temperature rised up to 37 C.We arrived Winnenden around half past two, the local area was easy found. "We're invited by Mungo Jerry" we told the ticketdesk, no problem and we get two free tickets. Looking around the sportstadium for Ray but he left just a hour ago after his performance with some childeren. We get into town searching a hotel, we found the hotel where Mungo Jerry booked, Toby was just coming down stairs and after we shaked hands we got the key from our room and first thing to is taking a shower. Ray past us while we're having a beer in the bar just around six, Ray invited us to come with him in the car to the stadium for the evening gig, backstage entree was secured After some stuggle about the equipment the band started just after eight. As usual in Germany I had problems with the security about making photo's, the first photo's I made on the left side of the stage, after I moved backstage to the right side the security told me I had made photo's enough, after I made complains "I'm with the band" and showing him my backstage pass his face turned into green and said "enough" and he wanna took my camera, "no way" I said and I left the front of the stage to get to the other side of the fence, here I made the rest of the photo's with a very angree security in the corner of my eyes. The gig was brilliant !! the boys are in very good shape. Ray's guitar strap broke halfway Lady Rose but another guitar was quickly hanging on his shoulder. After the gig Ray left, he need some sleep because had a plain to catch in a few hours, we had some beers with the rest of the band and we left the area, while walking to the car the zipper of Tim's guitar-bag burst and Tim's guitar bumpt half on my feet and half on the street, some serious scratches on the bottom of the guitar, the zipper was easy repaired, "the stupid zipper burst" said Tim while he open the trunk of the car, four complete strangers looked back in the car and Tim realised he opend the wrong car, after we found the right one we realised the car was to small for all of us so Nienke and I walked to the hotel in just a half an hour. (also on stage this afternoon: Kelly Familiy, Normahl and Caroline Escolano) We had some beers and food with the band (except Ray) 'till bedtime. Next morning after breakfast we said goodbye to the band (Ray left the hotel already 'round three am) and made our ride back home, again very hot weather, We arrived home around halfpast six pm, al wet from sweat, and 1310 km on the odometer. Looking back to a very nice weekend, thanks to Ray and the rest of the band for a wonderful time.
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