Mungo Jerry British Band
Poole  - mr. Kyps
22 November 2006
Ray Dorset: Guitars, Harp, Kazoo, Lead Vocals
Bruce "Bash" Brand: Drums, Percussion, Jug
Alan Johnson: Guitar
Mike Cole: Double Bass

Onstage 9:40pm:
Take Me Back - Keep Your Hands Off Her - Have A Whiff On Me - Baby Let's Play House - Ting A Ling / Ten Little Woman - With A Girl Like You - Going Down Slow - Singing The Blues - Hey Gyp - Dig The Slowness - 1) Give Me Someone To Love - My Own Country - Lady Rose - Alright Alright Alright - Mighty Man - In The Summertime (two different versions) - Baby Jump - You Don't Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War - Party Song / Thank You Very Much - Little Miss Hipshake - Let's Roll Baby - 2) Mama Don't Allow No Music Here
1) From "Naked From The Heart"
2) From "Cool Jesus"
Off stage 11:20pm
The alarm goes off at 4am UK time, I need a plane to catch so at 5 in the car direction Amsterdam airport "Schiphol" I arrived London Getwick 'round 9 and hit the steeringwheel from hired car at 10am for the journey to Poole. The route I printed out from internet was not correct so I drove around London for an hour 'till I found the correct direction to Poole where I arrived at the Salterns Hotel just before one. After a call from my good friend Kevin I went to a pub named "The Sloop" and had a nice chat , and a few beers with him and his girlfiend Tracy. Back to the hotel to get my photocamera and up to Mr. Kyps for the soundcheck. After the soundcheck a nice dinner with Mike, Bruce and Derek and back again to Mr. Kyps for the gig. What can I say....... 4 great musicians with leader Ray Dorset, with nearly two hours great music, and let's not forget they did all without any rehearsal, You realise how good they are. We  were all surprised with the set-list, of course the Mungo standards but filled up with songs as "You Don't Have To Be In The Army (on request from a fan) - Little Miss Hishake - Baby Let's Play House" and one of Ray's best s"My Own Country" I'm glad to see Mike Cole back in the line-up, what he can do on the double bass I never seen before, what a wonderful musician and a great guy. It was the first time I met Bruce "Bash" Brand and Alan Johnson, both also great guys and they did a wonderful job onstage, Bruce can play drums if he was born with it, he found a empty jar and did a good "jug" during In The Summertime, and Alan....... yeah what can I say, he's one of the best guitar players I know and he's also a guitar teacher, he can play everything. Mr. Kyps should of officially closed at 11pm but we all know Ray, after the final song they went back for two more songs. After the gig I had a really nice chat and some drinks with Ray, Derek, Mike and Bruce. Really nice from Mr. Kyps keep the bar open for us. We went to the hotel 'round three and I told them about the wonderful view I have from the hotel room so they all wanna see it, after a nice chat I went to bed at 4, I realise I was up for twenty four hours, very tired but it was it all worth. Next morning just in time for breakfast with Ray, Mike and Bruce. Back to Gatwick for the journey home were I arrived 'round 11pm.
Thanks everyone for the great time I had in Poole.

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