Munge Jerry British Band

Middelharnis Holland

Saturday 23th April 2005

Ray Dorset - Guitar, Harp, Lead Vocals
Tim Green - Guitar, Slide Guitar
Toby Hounsham - Keyboards
James Davis - Drums
Matt Round - Bass

Onstage 21:40 Offstage 22:25

Rock Me Mama - Morning Dew - Dust Pneumonia Blues - Alright Alright Alright - Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black - Lady Rose - Baby Jump - In The Summertime - Just Can't Say Goodbye.



Traveled: 155km
This time not hours to drive to visit a Mungo Jerry gig, just 'round the corner. The festival was organised for the 14th time, mostly tribute bands and a few oldies, this time the Rubettes' (half playback vocals !!) and Mungo Jerry. We spoke with Tim in the dressingroom before the gig, the rest of the band was on the road and arrived a bit late so run up the stage....  The Rubettes at first instead of Mungo Jerry. The venue was packed full with very enthusiastic public dancin' and singin' the whole show through, wonderful. The band did a great performance (as usual) I don't lie if I say it was the best of the evening, some people near me in the public who saw Mungo Jerry for the first time were very surpriced about the show they did, compliments all over, and ofcourse I did some advertising for the band. The evening was strict arranged and for that reason there was no time for an encore. After the gig we a chat with the bandmembers in the dressingroom and all signed the festival poster, Ray signed some single sleeves I brought with me.After a nice chat Ray left, James and Matt stay for a few more beers and as far I saw they had a goodtime. We left Middelharnis just after midnight and arrived home just before one. Compliments to the organisator Sam v/d Welle, he did a very good job, thanks for the backstage pass.
From a friend of my I borrowed a proffecional camera where I made a few photos with, and he made a photo from my while I was in the audience, pity just when I had my camera on front of my face....


22 Photos 800 x 400 8 Photos 400 x 800 Booklet Signed Poster Newspaper Backstage Pass 16 Digital 600 x 400