Mungo Jerry Half Playback Show

Losheim am see - Germany

7 july 2002

Ray Dorset: Vocals-Guitar-Harp-Kazoo

Jarvin: Technic



Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black / Lady Rose / Dust Pneumonia Blues / Party Land / A few chords of Lady Rose / Lady Rose 2002 / A few chords of In The Summertime / In The Summertime 2001.

On Stage: 6:00pm / Off Stage: 6:30pm


Saturday we load up our car (including topbox) with our vacation stuff, tent, sleepingbags etc. Sunday 7 july 2002 we’re going on vacation to France but first to Losheim Am see to see Mungo Jerry.
Starting the car sunday morning at 8:30 , fill up with gas and driving via Belgium / Luxemburg to Germany, Losheim am See
was easy to find (better as the tent tentpoles we’re forgot) and arrive around at two pm. Setup the tent (My Daughters only, because the tentpoles I forgot) and after that we’re going to the Oldie Festival next to the camping.
The Platters on stage when we get into the area with open stage, after the Platters , the Middle Of The Road. Sally is still good looking and the Middle Of The Road style is set. Sally’s voice is a more lazy as before but he Scottish accent is still there. Next to the stage I see Ray Dorset in a colored shirt with his technical man Jarvis.
Ray performed a halfplayback show for about 30 minuts. The public started to sing and clapping hands the whole show through. Mungo Jerry is still alive after 32 years !! What a wonderful audience.
"Lady Rose 2002" is a great new version of the song we all know, Ray mixed up the verses and chorus to a total new "Lady Rose" really great. After the show we talked with Ray and Jarvis for more as two hours, have some beers and a nice chat. Ray signed some CD sleeves and the 7” sleeve “It’s A Goodie Boogie Woogie” Japan, I brought with me. Said goodbye around 9:45 and back to the camping because the gage of the camping closed at 10pm. but we’re back without the car to the festival to see the rest of the bands, The festival closed with a great performance of the Sweet, great to hear all those tunes we all now, Block Buster , Fox On The Run , Papa Joe , Funny Funny etc. End of the festival at half past midnight. So this was the first Mungo Jerry gig we visit this summer but there are more gigs to see, our vacation can begin now but first we have to find some new tentpoles........
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