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Mungo Jerry
1970 - 22 May - 2020
50 Years
In The Summertime
(Ray Dorset)


Welcome to my Ray Dorset & Mungo Jerry collection, or as Derek Wadeson said, " Rob's Mungo Jerry Museum"  and maybe he's right, because I'm sure I have the biggest Ray Dorset & Mungo Jerry collection ever. " With a little help from my friends"  I collected all kind of items from all over the world from Argentina to Zimbabwe and all countries in between. Not only records but also posters, promo cards, magazines, memorabilia and a lot more,  
The main chapter on the site is ofcourse the albums, or as we in Holland  say:  "Music Carriers" 
This collection contains aprox 11.000 tracks divided over more as1200 different albums including the cover songs.  My proud is a official Gold Record Award from Astor Autralia.
Beside Ray Dorset & Mungo Jerry official releases I also found Illigal releases, mostly from Russia and the eastern bloc but also from the far east.
It's always nice to find a bargain but it's not always possible, the cheapest album I bought is a beautiful cd package from Russia for € 0.01 and the most expensive one is a 7" cover single  from Greece "In The Summertime" sung by "Bloid Manson"  for.... no I'm not gonna tell..... 
The most beautiful (7" 45rpm) sleeves I found in Japan, France and Germany, some countries released company or white sleeves only, strange enough the UK, the home country of Mungo Jerry, didn't released the 7" 45rpm singles in a picture sleeve, except (as far I know) " In The Summertime / Mungo Jerry and the Brothers Grimm" 1987, " Dancin' In The Street" 1979  the last single " In The Summertime Dance Rave Medley" 1991.
Do I have everything !? ... no that's not possible and I don't need everything for any price, some items are too expensive for what it is, once I saw a "one side 12" picture disc" for € 230 and a copy from the Japan lp " Back To The Mungo Jug" including the signatures from the whole band for € 455... I still collect but it's no need to get it always for a bargain and certainly not for sky high prices, by the way...Some albums (I know they exist) I never found, for example "In The Summertime" released as 7" single with picture sleeve from Madagascar, and "In The Summertime" should be released as 7" single on the Dutch "Philips" label, I also never found the cover version from "Baba Barafu & The Emvees - Daddy Cool" backed with "It's A Secret" (as mention in the book Beyond The summertime: 1977 World Record CO-KORS 1047) but I keep looking,  any suggestions to find are welcome and also donations are always welcome... lol. 
I have the whole album collection classified in, one of the best, music database software: Music Collector.
You can also find reviews from the gigs I visited, illustrated with a lot of photos, including the gigs I visited from the (in Germany based) Mungo Jerry Bluesband, the Mungo Jerry Bluesband was for the first time live on stage at the 2001 "Umsonst & Draussen Festival" in Vlotho-Germany where "Open Up Live" was recorded, I'm proud to say " I was there" ...
On request I also put the lyrics section back, it's far from complete but if anyone can help me to update the list, don't hasitate to send me an email. I have a lot of lyrics from Ray and the rest I collect from music sheets / books / record sleeves,
Thanks to Alan Tailor for the transcriptions for example O'Reilly and The Man Behind The Piano.
I can tell a lot about Ray Dorset & Mungo Jerry, but there are two websites that can do much better.
First, the official Mungo Jerry " Touch The Sky" website: 
Here you can find all current information: gig list, youtube channel, bookings, twitter. shop, etc. etc.
Second, the official Mungo Jerry " Magic" website:
Here you can find all facts, information and stories from the past 'till now, a wonderful job done by Alan Taylor and Derek Wadeson.
Both websites give you all you wanna know and all information you need about Ray Dorset & Mungo Jerry.
Some facts: 
Mungo Jerry released in 1970 the first 7" 33 ⅓ rpm "extended player" with picture sleeve in the world.
Mungo Jerry released in 1970 the first 3D album sleeve in the world including a 3D glasses.
Mungo Jerry released in 2001 the first Multi Media CDsingle on the market, including tracks to play on your CD player, MP3 files including software to run it, a printout poster, video clips and a lot more...
Mungo Jerry had the fastest selling single ever, and a Sony award for the best summer hit ever made.
Mungo Jerry is on the third place of best-selling physical singles of the world with 30 million copies sold. First place is for "White Christmas"  from Bing Crosby (50 million) second place is for "Candle In The Wind" from (Sir) Elton John (33 million)
Mungo Jerry had in 1971 also one of the longest song titles, a nightmare for some DJ's :
You Don't Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War
In South America Language: No Es Necesario Estar En El Ejercito Para Pelear En La Guerra
In Spanish: No Tienes Que Estar En El Ejército Para Luchar En La Guerra
In Russian: Вы не должны быть в армии, чтобы сражаться на войне
In 1972 my Dad took a photo of me on my first brand new moped: a 50cc "Puch MV50 Skytrack" the photo shows what a big fan I already was from Mungo Jerry at that time.
Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site, Keep On Rockin' 
Rob Kamphues


My First moped The most expensive The cheapest
The First 
Multy Media Cd Single
The First 
3D sleeve 
The First  
7" 33 ⅓rpm EP
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