Mungo Jerry Half Playback Show
Hürth Germany
21 September 2002


Ray Dorset: Guitar, Harp, Kazoo, Tambourine, Vocals
(The fans did the rest)
Alright, Alright, Alright / Lady Rose / Dust Pneumonia Blues / Partyland / Lady Rose 2002 / In The Summertime / In The Summertime 2001 / Feels Like I’m In Love / Baby Jump
On Stage: 10:15pm / Off Stage: 10:50pm

Traveled: 560 km.
I left home by car 4:30pm and easy driving to Köln were we arrived at eight.
A oldie night indoors at “Haus Burgpark” an other fan from Germany was also arrived. Ray was onstage at 10:15pm and did a half playback show for about 30 minutes. In the dressingroom Ray realised he packed the wrong guitar, instead the white guitar he packed the Gibson Les Paul, no problem ofcourse. People were up and bopping to Dust Pneumonia Blues and were well into Partyland and the new version of Lady Rose, by the time Ray got into In The Summetime the dance floor was packed full of people.Some lapse made by the technic, first they start the wrong music, instead of Lady Rose they started another tune and during DPB the microphone crashed. After the show I chat backstage with Ray and his wife Britta and Ray brought us some great new stuff, thanks to Michael Pohl.
Ray signed the France cd-single “In The Summertime 2002” I left around half past midnight for my journey back home. It was again a great evening…….Thanks Ray.

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