Mungo Jerry British Band
Horst - Holland


Ray Dorset: Lead Vocals - Guitar - Kazoo - Harp - Tambourin
Alan Johnson  Guitar - Backing Vocals
Jonathan Playle  Bass Guitar - Backing Vocals
Marc David  Drums - Backing Vocals
Chris Garret Ť Keybord - Saxaphone - Mandolin - Backing Vocals
On Stage: 9:15pm
Statesbro' Blues - Morning Dew - Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black - Alright Alright Alright - Dust Pneumonia Blues - Lady Rose - In The Summertime - Let's Work Together
Off Stage: 10:05pm
Traveled: 355 km
I left home just after 6 to Horst, south/east of Holland,  were I arrived just before 8, I had a appoinment with some other Mungo friends from Holland and Belgium, after a beer and a short chat the band arrived in the dressingroom, less time for a chat because the band has on stage in a few minuts, Marc David was not in a good shape, he's sick but just health enought to hit the drums, the show is between two other bands, pity because there's no time enough for a anchor, Ray told me about his new  Guitar, a custom made handbuild DEAN, a bit seventies design and it looks great. I brought a 6-tone car-horn for Ray playing "In The Summertime"(I wanna mount one in my own car) Ready for a 50 minutes set when they get on stage just in time. The organisation told me there's aprox 1400 people in the house, see for your self at the photo's.... This time I got the permission to take photo's on stage, lucky me because there was not enough space in front of the stage to move around. Great show even Marc not on his best move played brilliant, Chris did a wonderful job on saxaphone and the new guitar from Ray sound really great and it's a good looker on stage. After a few songs Ray realised he forgot his capo and asked me to get it asap in the dressingroom, it feels the 50 minuts flew in a split second, the show was brillant as always , Ray is the best !!!! The organisation create a special room for fans where they can have a meet and greet with there favorite artists,  so we moved to the "pub" and  had a very nice long chat and a few drinks with Ray, Alan and Jonathan ( Marc and Chris went to the hotel already ) I hit the steeringwheel just after one and arrived home safely 'round 2:30. Thanks guys for the great evening, 'till nextime.


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