Mungo Jerry Bluesband
Herford germany
Christmas party
20 Dec. 2003
Ray Dorset: Guitars - Lead vocals - Harp - Kazoo
Achim Patz: Harp - Keyboard
Klaus Wenske: Bass Guitar
Michael Pohl: Guitars
Klaus Otto: Drums
Onstage 9:10pm
Statesbro' Blues - Dust Pneumonia Blues - Morning Dew - Going Down Slow - With A Girl Like You - That's Why I Sing The Blues - Open Up - St. Pete Florida Blues - P.A.R.T.Y.O - Lady Rose - Baby Jump - Feels Like I'm In Love - Rock Me Mama - She Loves Me Like A Woman - We Gotta Get Out O' The Army - In The Summertime - Just Can't Say Goodbye - Let's Work Together
Offstage midnight
Traveled: 690km
It was rainy and stormy weather when we left home at three in the afternoon, it was dark when we crossed the German border, no streetlights and we past a lot of roadblocks , not really a happy journey. We found just after seven the parking of the venue "Elfenbein" in Herford when Ray just left to get some equipment from home (he lived near by) it was cold and the rain came down as a shower. We shaked hands with the bandmembers we met before in Vlotho and some coffee was very welcome after a long journey. The venue begin to fill up and the only thing left was to wait for Ray, because some roadblocks Ray's car-navigator failed, finaly he arrived a little late. The gig started just after nine with Statesbro' Blues and Dust Pneumonia Blues and believe me the groove was set, Ray was in very good shape even the rest of the band. It was no problem for Ray to get the hands together. The first set ended just before ten with Open Up. Time to get some drinks and a chat with the bandmembers. Klaus (Wenske) introduced us by the local newspaper and radio maker Siegmund Bischoff, after a very nice chat he took some photo's from us, everybody we have spoken that evening was surpriced what trip we had made to see the Mungo Jerry Bluesband, that was perhaps enough to get us in the newspaper.107 tickets are sold and between 50 and 60 on the guestlist, almost al they have worked on Adults Only are present, ton-ingeneur: Christoph PŁtter (PK-Media), GŁnter Birawsky (Graphics Production) and a lot more. The second half of the gig started a half past ten with St. Pete Florida Blues, what a great song to hear that life from this band, follow up with songs we're all familiar with as P.A.R.T.Y.O, Lady Rose, One Night With You and Feels Like I'm In Love (coffee bar version) a fan shoud a few times "you don't have to be in the army" but I'm sure they didn't rehearse that popular song instead they did, ofcourse, "We Gotta Get Out O' The Army" the latest new song written by Ray, it's an army song so the guy was satisfied I hope. Ofcourse "In The Summertime" get played and they finished with "Just Can't Say Goodbye" but that was not enough for the public, they shoud "Zugabe" (we want more) so the band came back for a brilliant version of "Let's Work Together" twelf sharp the gig ended with a fantastic applaus, they deserved it !! All bandmembers signed my copy of  the CD "Adults Only" and after a nice chat with all the bandmembers we left 'round half past one for our journey back home. I turned the key in our frontdoor just before five. The gig is recorded by three camera's, a dvd is in the pipeline. Left me to say what a great evening / night it was, thanks guys.
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