Hagen - Germany
Mungo Jerry Half Playback Show
16 July 2005
Ray Dorset: Guitar, Harp, Kazoo, Vocals


Alright Alright Alright / Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black / Lady Rose / Dust Pneumonia Blues / Falling In Love With You / Feels Like I'm In Love (Disco Version) If I Had A Hammer / Teenager In Love / Diana / Let's Go Do The Hug / Lady Rose 21th Century/ In The Summertime / In The Summertime 2001

On Stage: 8:20pm / Off Stage: 9:15pm


Traveled: 602km.
Wonderful hot summer on this saturday, I arrived a bit early in Hagen and walked around. The two day event was a cherry feast, the whole town centre was firmly shut with fences, three small stages and a main stage are build up. On the small stages played cover-bands. Ray and his wife and two sons arrived 'round seven and we walked arround the area for a while, on the main stage played the Avalon Top-40-Band, not bad at all. Ray was is very good mood, (logical, it was the last gig before his vacation and the family was arround) Ray did a different set as usual and it was really great, the best PB show until now I visit. Ray had fun on stage, laughing and dancin' all the gig through, and he played "Falling In Love With You" The first rtime I heard this song from Ray. In the meantime the field in front of the stage packed full, and when I say full In mean FULL !! Just before he wanna start "ITS" a string broke, one of his sons helped with replace it. A wonderful finale with two versions of "In The Summertime" the public went crazy and shout for more but Ray was already on stage longer as planned and they got were they came for: A wonderful great gig !! After the gig Ray did a autograph session for more as a half an hour assist by one of his sons. We closed the evening with a dinner and said goodbye just after eleven. left me to say what a great performer Ray is, this evening stays in my memorie for a long long time. Thanks Ray.
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Photos 400 x 650