Mungo Jerry Half Playback Show

Eschweiler Germany

10 August 2002


Ray Dorset: Guitar, Harp, Kazoo, Tambourine, Vocals
Jarvis: Technic


Alright Alright Alright / Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black / Lady Rose / Dust Pneumonia Blues / Party Land / Lady Rose 2002 / In The Summertime / In The Summertime 2001 / Feels Like I'm In love

On Stage: 8:00pm / Off Stage: 8:30pm



Traveled: 525 km.
With beautiful weather 9:00am at work but I may go early this afternoon, 3:30 change clothes at work and ready to go, in the car around 3:40am and driving to Eschweiler Germany, about 260 km. Arrived at Eschweiler half past 6, (fast huh) surching for the festival and driving around Eschweiler for about 30 min. finaly I found it and park the car. The festival started at 7:30 with “The Voice of Roy Orbison” it’s ok but not my kind of music. Half the show I see Ray and Jarvis coming into the artist tent next to the stage, Jarvis saw us and wave his hands to us.

Ray’s on stage for 30min with a halfplayback show. First time I heart "Lady Rose 2002" realy good! The folks on the field are great, hand clapping, dancing and singing a long with the songs. And many pictures are made from a lot of fans, realy good to see that Mungo Jerry is very populair in Germany too, during the gig Ray throwed some pictures into the audience and many fans tried to get one. Very great performance Ray !

After the the gig Ray did a lot of signatures next to the stage, now you can see Mungo Jerry is very populair in Germany, a lot of people wanna have a signature from Ray. Between the writings Ray did, we shaked hands and Ray ask the security if his I may come into the artist room, it’s Ok an Ray introduced me to Petra, a Mungo fan too (ofcourse) time for coffee and a chat and Ray signed some sleeves. This time “Forgotten Land – NL” double CD “Move on – The Latest & Greatest” and the multi media Cd “In The Summertime 2001” After an hour Ray’s taxi arrived but he missed it.... another cup of coffee.

A half hour later again a taxi for Ray and Jarvis and after shake hands and say goodbye we walked back into the festival, hanging around and listen to the rest of the bands, together with Petra. On stage the “Beatles Revival Band” very good music and near the sound of the fab four. It’s half past eleven when we walked to the car.

Back home for another 260 km. Open the front door around half past two, My daughter’s still awake and after a few wines and a little baguette with France cheese it’s time for bed (very tired)




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