Welcome to my renewed website
December 2019
A lot of things are new or renewed, first of all I use no JAVA applets anymore, so the website is now easier accessible for any devices,
the menu is now on top of the site.
All the album sleeves are renewed to a better resolution, except the  sleeves from the cover versions, I have to do that later.
The presentation from the albums is also renewed, every album now has a unique background referring to the relevant album, except the albums with a white or standard company sleeve, they have all the same background: the Candy Dreams poster, the cover versions has all the same: a fantasy background.
On request I put the lyrics back, it's far from complete but this is what I have, if you have any additions don't hesitate to send me a email, thanks in advance.
The reviews from the gigs I visited are also renewed, from the first gigs where I used a analog camera: or the photos or the negatives have been rescanned,  pity negatives and photos discolour after a few years, so I had to adjust a few with a photo sofware programm, from the gigs were I used a digital camera: the photos have been adjust into a better format and resolution.
Renewed are also the memorablilia pages, with new photos, descriptions and memorabilia not listed on the site before.
If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know
 The album collection could never the same without the contribution from Ray Dorset & Derek Wadeson, both filled up the blancs in my collection, from out their prived and Mungo Jerry archiefs, many thanks.
About the album collection: at the time of writing it content over 1355 (Updated October 2020) Ray Dorset & Mungo Jerry albums inclusief the covers, spread over different items: Multiple cd sets, 3" cd,  7" singles, 8Tracks, 10" acetate,  12" maxi singles, 7" acetates, audio cassettes,  cd albums, cd complilations, cd singles,  12" double LP's,  7" EP's,  Flexi Discs, 1 Gold record award, 12" LP's, Multi CD singles, 7" Picture disc, Reel to Reel tape, Shaped CD single, Videos and DVD's