Mungo Jerry Half Playback Show

Brakel Belgium

11 August 2002


Ray Dorset aka Mungo Jerry: Vocals - Guitar

Jarvis: Technic


Alright Alright Alright / Lady Rose / Party Land / ITS / ITS 2001.

On Stage: 10:30pm / Off Stage: 10:55pm


Traveled: 455 km

Sunday 11 august 2002, I left home around 10:00am for our journey to Brakel - Belgium. Beautiful weather and the "Free-Feesten" festival were easy to find. A three-day festival with most local bands and artists. A lot of play backed "Britney Spears' and "Boyzone" bands past through even some Belgium "Golden Oldies" and strange enough a lot of artist has celebrate their birthday !? Also on stage the most famous Idiot from Belgium: Eddy Wally. And Belgium was complete shocked when they heard the most famous and beloved parody at this time in Holland:  "Who the Fuck is Alice"  Peter Koelewijn's version of Livin' next door to Alice"  Later in the afternoon I tried to get backstage for a chat with Ray and Jarvis but the security was very strict. I stand on front stage when I saw Ray past by next to the stage behind the fence. Later Ray told me he was planning to go into the audience to find us but the security didn't aloud that, artist backstage and public in front, that's the rule !! they told Ray. Next to the stage I saw a part of the fence was not secure properly into the ground, I lift up the fence and I slipt into the backstage area were we met Ray and Jarvis, strange enough no control in the backstage area from any security !? The dressing room was not more as a small site hut were everyone has to chance clothes and store there goods, lovely young ladies we saw undressed in front of our very eyes, I saw Jarvis colour red from ear to ear - lol. Because the festival stretched in time Ray goes on stage at 10:30pm instead of 9:00pm and because there was no time enough left, Ray did a half playback show for only 25 minutes. A enthusiastic audience clapping and singing all the gig through, finaly a good artist they tought... :-) wonderful. In my opinion the best performance of the day. 
 After the performance we slipped again through the fence, for another chat and some signatures. Because it was late and almost everyone left it was hard to find something to eat, Ray tried for the first time a "bal gehakt" an' typical Belgium / Dutch snack. After I said "goodbye and 'til next time" I left Brakel around half past midnight. Tired I arrived Vlaardingen around half past two, looking forwards to he next gig.......

Note: The festival wasn't actually in Brakel but in the neighbor municipality Lierde, the coincidence is: in 2015 we bought a house in Lierde, so now we pass the area several times a week.

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