Mungo Jerry British Band

Bodelwyddan - Wales

Saturday 1 April 2001  


Ray Dorset: Vocals-Guitar-Harp-Kazoo-Tambourin

Tim Green: Guitar-Slide Guitar-Vocals
Mick Frampton: Percussion-Guitar-Vocals
Matt Round: Bass Guitar
Steve Jones: Keyboards-Harmonica
James Davis: Drums


On Stage: 10:00pm
Alright, Alright, Alright - Long Legged Woman Dressed in Black - Baby Jump - Lady Rose - In The Summertime - Open Up and more....
Off Stage: 11:10pm
I’m going by my own car to Amsterdam Airport “Schiphol” for my flight to Manchester. An easy flight in almost an empty airplane. The air is clear, nice view on the Dutch coastline but when I arrived Manchester it’s very cloudy. I have a appointment with Stuart who’s picks me up with his car for our journey to Bodelwyddan / Denbighshire / Wales. I don’t have to wait long, Stuart arrived just an hour after I picked up my luggage. Beautiful trip through a part of England and Wales, the first time I’m in this area. I have to familiarize the Scottish accent from Stuart, he speaks fast but halfway up it’s going easier. Before we drive to our hotel we looked around the Bodelwyddan castle area for a few minutes, it’s cold outside so we get into the car quickly. The Hawk & Buckle Inn guesthouse in Llannefydd is already booked and was easy to find. A small hotel with very friendly people. Settle down in our rooms and back to the bar for some beers, a chat and a good dinner, the open fire is just turned on. After dinner we get into a taxi to go to Bodelwyddan Castle to see the gig of Mungo Jerry and where we have a appointment with Brian Cook and his wife Lesley from Snowdonia / Wales. I never been into a Welsh’ castle / Hotel before so it was great to be there. The venue is in the basement of the Castle, a bar, dancing floor, a small stage and, none smoking, sitting areas on different levels. I stopped smoking a few months ago but for this weekend I bought myself a packet of cigarettes, stupid I know that. A “bald” man with his wife walked into the bar and we suggest it must be Brian and Lesley. Shake hands and after we introduced each other we sit down on a table. It was a sort of oldie festival with music from the seventies, some people walked around with, I dunno why, colored wigs. Nearly 10am the band arrived on the (too) small stage, the band members stand almost shoulder to shoulder. I can’t remember the setlist but I remember they played Baby Jump / Long Legged Woman / Lady Rose / a “Shaggy style” In The Summertime and more. After a few minutes the dance floor was packed full with enthusiastic people, dancing and clapping whole gig through. The band did a great performance for more as one hour. Great to see this line-up again since almost a year ago in New Castle Under Lyme. Fine guitar and slide guitar playing by Tim Green, “heavy” percussion by Mick, just one word: Brilliant ! In the meantime arrived Jim Smith and his wife, sorry but I forgot her name, Mungo Jerry fans I saw before in New Castle Under Lyme. After the show Ray came to our table for a chat and some signatures. Ray told us he was in a hurry because he had a plain to catch for his holydays in Barbados, great from Ray he made some time for us. Around half past midnight we said goodbye and by taxi we returned to the hotel for a beer and a chat with the owner of the hotel. Next morning a fine breakfast and the trip back to Manchester airport and Stuart goes through to Scotland. Thanks Stuart for the ride. On the airport I dropped the cigarettes I left into a dustbin. Arrived Amsterdam airport around six pm, there was panic because a hamburger restaurant was in fire, whole area was filled up with fireman, police and security. I have to go to another exit as I came in yesterday. It was not easy to find my car from here but finaly I found it. Driving home for about 45 min with a cassette of Mungo Jerry in the cassette player.


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