Mungo Jerry Bluesband
Bielefeld - Germany
9 December 2004
Ray Dorset: Vocals-Guitar-Harp
Michael Pohl: Guitar-Vocals
Klaus Wenske: Bass Guitar
Achim "Ako" Patz: Keyboards - Harp
Klaus Otto: Drums
Statesbro' Blues - Rock Me Mama - Morining Dew - Dust Pneumonia Blues - Going Down Slow - Baby Jump - Lady Rose - Let's Roll Baby - One More Night Without You - P.A.R.T.Y.O. - All I Wanna Know - St Pete's Florida Blues - With A Girl Like You - She Loves Me Like A Woman - No More Woman Blues - Feels Like I'm In Love - Open Up (12 mn!) - In The Summertime - Just Can't Say Goodbye - Let's Work Together - Medley: In The Summertime / Little Miss Hipshake / Wooden Heart.


Traveled: 724km.
It could be a long day so we left home 'round 12 afternoon for our journey to Bielefeld, near Arnhem we visit our good friend and Mungo Jerry fan, Roel, for a cup of coffee and a chat. We arrived in Bielefeld 'round five and the venue was easy to find, just near the railstation. We went into town for dinner, in the towncentre was a vey nice Christmas atmosphere. After dinner we walked to the venue we're we met Michael Pohl (thanks for the inventation) and the rest of the bandmembers. Juergen Keuneke and Uli Twelker walked in just a few minuts later.. After Ray arrived the band started the soundcheck (Let's Roll Baby) and changed clothes. The band came on stage just before nine. The venue was not packed full but the atmosphere was great and the public was full of enthusiasm, no wonder because the band was playing brilliant, just after the first song I realised the Mungo Jerry Bluesband is growing as a rocket, wonderful musicians leaded by Ray, within a few minuts the dancefloor was covered with dancin' and rockin' fans. All songs we're familiar with are played including the most tracks from "Adults Only" wonderful harp sound from "Ako" What can I say more, you all regret you wasn't there. 'round eleven the band started the final song "Just Can't Say Goodbye" but that was not enough, the public shout for more (zugabe) and the band came back for a brilliant version of "Let's Work Together" but that was again not enough, after they left the stage again the public was shoutin' for more, they coun'd refuse to come back on stage (remember the gig was in Ray's hometown) for a "improvised medley" - In The Summertime / Little Miss Hipshake / Wooden Heart. "Little Miss Hipshake" was not only a surprice for us only but for the band too, they never played it before, they can play everyting !! After the gig we talked with Ray and the rest of the bandmembers, as always Ray signed some sleeves I brought with me and 'round one we left the venue for our journey back home. 'Til the border the sky was clear but that changed into a very heavy fog. After Utrecht we had to reduce our speed to 80km, we arrived home just before five, tired ofcourse but with a great feeling. No way we regret this long journey because it was all worth. Be sure we're gonna visit again a gig from Mungo Jerry Bluesband. Thanks guys for the wonderful evening.
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