Mungo Jerry British Band
Antwerp Sportpaleis - Belgium
"The Golden Years"
13 December 2008
Ray Dorset: Lead Vocals - Guitar - Harp 
Alan Johnson - Guitar - Backing Vocals
Jonathan Playle - Bass Guitar - Backing Vocals
Marc David - Drums - Backing Vocals
Torsten Lüderwaldt - Keyboard - Backing Vocals
Alright, Alright, Alright / Lady Rose / In The Summertime / Baby Jump
Onstage: 20:45 - Offstage 21:10


Ray called me to tell he had arrange a backstage pass so I can go direct to the backstage entree, in the restaurant I met Ray and the rest of the bandmembers and had a good chat before they went on stage. Wonderful artists tonight, some I never saw live before ( Spotnics, Billy Joe Royal  and the Hollies ) The venue was packed full ( over the 15.000 ) including a wide VIP area in front of the stage. Mungo Jerry on stage with four hits, a wonderful Baby Jump version!! this line-up played really great... after the gig we're waiting for the grand finale, we had a good chat and some drinks, Ray did a few interviews for the local TV and (internet) Radio stations. I moved to the stage to see the Troggs and the Hollies, what a great musicians. Backstage I had a nice chat with Dave Berry and  Dave Dee. The final started on 23:45 Lead by Ray, and ended 00:10. All artist again on stage, Ray started with  "Everybody, Need Sombody", everyone did a verse and / or a refrein. A great happening on and off stage, ever seen 15.000 people get out of there mind !? I used my new digital Canon camera, see the results by yourself.... 'round 00:30  the band went to the after party but for me it was time to say goodbye. Left me to say a big thanks to Ray and the band, nextime again !!



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