Mungo Jerry British Band
Antwerp - Belgium
4 december 2004
Ray Dorset: Vocals-Guitar-Harp
Toby Hounsham: Keyboards
James "Jim" Davis: Drums
Tim Green: Guitar-Vocals
Matt Round: Bass Guitar
Jarvis: Technic
Alright, Alright, Alright / Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black / Lady Rose / In The Summertime (12 min version !!)

Traveled: 220km.
On invitation from Mungo Jerry management (thanks Peter) I drove to Antwerp / Belgium for the "Golden Years Festival" I arrived in Antwerp around eight, I called Ray for our appointment but it was not aloud to go backstage and Ray didn't get the chance to come down because he needed to warm up for the gig. So every thing I arranged with the management went wrong... :-( First band on stage are "The Fortunes" with there hits. Second "The Middle Of The Road" better as we've seen before, (don't forget Sally Carr is 59 and still sexy) the stage is getting up for Mungo Jerry, the full UK-band except Micky Frampton. The show was great, The public (The Sportpaleis was packed full) was full enthousiame when the band started the first tunes and get out of there ming by "In The Summertime" very very great performance from Ray and the band, wonderful !!. As usual for this kind of festivals the security was bit overtight, no chance to get near the stage for making photo's, camera's were not aloud but nobody notist my camera. So all photo's are taken from the tribune, from, lets say, 80 meters from the stage, lucky me I have 300mm zoom-telemeter, not easy in the dark without flash ( I didn't dare) as you can see the photo's are not all perfect but always better as nothing. I tried again to get near the stage but the security hold me and again they didn't notist my camera hidden under my coat. Next on stage "Slade" with a great show, as far I know all original bandmembers are still in the band. The rest of the bands where we not interested in ( The Troggs / Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich and Alvin Stardust) Time to go out of the venue to try again to get in contact with Ray, I call Ray but his phone was out, he called me back later and explain there was no chance to get into the dressingroom and he was waiting for an interview so he didn't get the time to see us, but he made it for a chat and he signed my programm.  No problem at all, we had some drinks and food and drove home 'round midnight.

Again a great show from Mungo Jerry, thanks to all.

19 Photos 700 x 500
Signed Programm 
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