Mungo Jerry
Agen -Lot-Et-Garonne - France
13 August 2008
Ray Dorset -Guitar, Kazoo, harp
Mike Cole - Bass
Bruce Brand - Drums, Jug
Take Me Back - Hey Gyp - Morning Dew - Dust Pneumonia Blues - Letís Work Together - Ting-a-Ling - Lady Rose - Come on Everybody - Tutti Frutti - Feels Like Iím In Love - Alright Alright Alright - Jesse James - In The Summertime - Red Leather and Chrome - Baby Jump - Just Canīt Say Goodbye
Traveled: 2160km
In the meantime I spent my weekends in Antwerp-Belgium. I traveled on tuesday by car from Antwerp to the south of France and halfway up I had a hotel for a night, the next day I drove to Agen, in the afternoon  I parked my car in front of the same hotel as the band booked, I didn't have to wait long before the band arrived, and also JJ Bedrossian arrived, (he caught this gig on video) 't was beautiful weather and the venue was easy to find. A pity that there was little light in the venue, that made photographing a bit difficult, and shame I never saw the video from JJ. In the afternoon a quick soundcheck and after we had diner we went to the venue again for the gig. The venue was packed full. As soon the band started, the athmosphere was really good, and a great enthusiastic audience. nearly 90 minuts Mungo fun and I really enjoyed the show. The autograph sesion had big succes and after that a nice chat with the band and JJ, Thanks to everyone who made this gig possible.
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