Agen - Lot-Et-Garonne
Canceled Gig
18 July 2003
We changed our plans for our vacation just for this gig, instead to the south-west of France we went to the mid-south. Because it was very hot in the car for driving that long we split our journey into two days. The camping in Agen was very small and there was no place left so we found another camping just 45km away. We went to Agen ( friday 18th july) in the afternoon and found the stage in the town centre, because we're early we went into town for some drinks and a little shopping, half past seven we went again to the stage and we saw the band just arrived , including Jean Jaques. After shaking hands with everyone JJ told us there was some problems but he didn't know what was going on, we made a appointment to meet eachother again in a hotel for dinner and a chat. Here Ray told us the gig was off because a strike by the France music scene. Ofcourse we're disappointed but Ray invited us for dinner and we had a wonderful time, at the table: Ray, Eliot, Micky, Jarvis, James, Matt, Toby, my wife Nienke, my daughter Lonneke, JJ, and the organisators team. After dinner Mick, Jarvis, Matt, James and Toby went into town for some beers and we stay for a chat with the rest, someone came up with a guitar and Ray started to tune up and did "In The Summertime unplugged", (a private concert) It's near 11:00 and Ray wanna go to bed because he travelled a lot last few days with less sleep, after kisses and shaking hands we suggest to find a pub for some drinks, it was very hot that night. By luck we found the rest of the band in the first pub we found, Party Time !! On the table a "Giraffe" a pilar of glass with two liter beer with a tap in the bottom, dunno how many we ordered, everyone ordered one at the time so it must be six or seven, we had a very good time. Lonneke and Micky became friends and maybe a new wedding will be anounced in near future (LOL) At one (midnight Uk time) Toby want to celebrate his birthday, time for more beer and some singing. The pub closed and after shaking hands "til nextime" we went to our car, because the agreement (about the alcohol) I made, my wife hit the steeringwheel, not an easy job to do because the road to the camping was very dark and sinuous but we arrived safe. No gig this time but we had a very good time with the band and it was nice to met Eliot again. Thanks to Ray and the rest of the band for this wonderful day. A few days later I received some  newspaper cuttings from JJ.


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