Paper Chase
Music and Lyrics by Ray Dorset
There's a dance, it's new, it's made for us
This is what you do, don't make a fuss
Put your arm around my waist
This is how you do the paper chase
Swing your hips and hold me close to you
Kiss me quick and do the old soft shoe
Clap your hands, turn and sway
Do the paper chase today
The night is young, the moon is shining bright
I am yours and you are mine tonight
I've got you and you've got me
Won't you dance the night away with me
Get off your chair let's do it
Let down your hair, let's do it
Swing and sway and hold me close to you
Clap your hands and do the old soft shoe
Let's go to town and do it
Don't hang around, let's do it
Kiss me, squeeze me, hold me tight
Dance the night away tonight
Tonight's the night, it's made for both of us
We're so close it's right to fall in love
I've got you, you've got me
Now we're dancing cheek to cheek.


We’ll Love Again
Music and Lyrics by Ray Dorset
Aufedesain, Au Revoir my dear
Take my heart and leave a kiss
We'll love again
Another time, another place
We'll share a dream, we'll share a night
We'll love again
Your cigarette, your empty glass
Outside the sky is getting kind of light
Just let me feel you close to me
Before we say goodbye
I'll wear your ring
While you're away
Your photograph I'll kiss each night
We'll love again