Mungo Jerry Bluesband


Onstage: 9:15pm

Let's Roll - Statesbro' Blues - Morning Dew - Let's Work Together - Going Down Slow - Lady Rose - That's Why I SIng The Blues - Baby Jump - One More Night Without You - No More Woman Blues - Alright, Alright, Alright - In The Summertime - Party Song - Zugabe: I Just Can't Say Goodbye

Ofstage: 10:50pm

Line Up

Ray Dorset: Guitars - Lead vocals - Harp - Kazoo

Michael Pohl: Guitars

Klaus Wenske: Bass Guitar

Klaus Otto: Drums

Achim Patz: Harp - Keyboard


26th August 2006

Vlaardingen - Vlotho / Germany - Vlaardingen: 745km

Because I had to work 'till five we're had to rush to be on time in Vlotho but we made it, we arrived at 8:45pm and met the bandmembers. This time the "venue" was the local (out door) swimmingpool "Waldfreibad Valdorf " the field was a swamp, it had rained the whole week nonstop. Tonight onstage: "Bulli Grundmann" - "Manglin Steel" and Mungo Jerry Bluesband, we didn't saw the first one. Same as last week in Düren the field was packed full and again a full enthusiamn public, they went in the mood by songs as "Lady Rose" - "In The Summertime" and you won't believe what happend when they played  "Party Song" not only Ray went crazy but the whole crowd did, especially when Ray took his shirt off, (the photo's speak for them self) What I like the most from Ray is every gig is different, not one is the same, Tonight it was again brilliant, Baby Jump was awsome !! Ray played his guitar on the back of his neck (I never saw that before) and danced and jumped around the stage, and the crowd love it (we too) as always he was in a good mood, "Glad I´m A Rocker" he must think. After `Party Song` they came back for a "zugabe" Just Can´t Say Goodbye only because the next band, Manglin-Steel,  has to go onstage, they had less luck as the Mungo Jerry Bluesband, all the audience went off, all what left was just a hand full "uninterested public" pity for the three boys, so we can conclude they all came for Mungo Jerry only, and we could be right because the autogramm session Ray did after the gig, Great to see Mungo Jerry is still very pupular after 36 years.  After a nice chat with all the bandmembers and a demo cd from " Cool Jesus" in the cd-player we went home ´round midnight  (but first we stopped in the centre of Vlotho to make a photo from the big sign down the road)   we arrived home just before four, TIRED !! . Ray used his "old" Gibson Les Paul guitar  since the last Vlotho gig which was the first one for about 18 years, he wanna use it more

Left us to say the long journey was all worth,  (seven hours in the car) and did you all know: Michael - Klaus Wenske and Klaus Otto love "Vanille Vla" a kind of cold custard available in the Dutch supermarket in pacakge of one liter, so if you ever go to a Mungo Jerry Bluesband gig, bring some "Vanille Vla" for the boys !!

Thanks for the great evening

Rob & Nienke


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