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Compilation Lp "San Remo"

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A song written by V.Pallavicini and P.Conti, quick recorded in Italy in 1971 during a tour Mungo Jerry did in Europe and between the San Remo festival and a few TV performance for Rai Uno. A long time after the studio recording Ray heard the final for the first time and was, ofcourse, not pleased with the final mix, a local dj wrecked the song with a "talk over" in Italian language. Ray took his hands of from the song and never played again, that's why you never find it on any album or compilation. When Mungo Jerry played the song in a TV performance for Rai Uno the "talk over" was not used but applause instead, what you hear right now is the full version (3:24) from the song without applause or "talk over" unfortunly it's mono but it's the only one available at this time. The Rai Uno TV show (in black and white) is saved, I found a copy some years ago. The single was released in Italy and IsraŽl and on a compilation Lp from the San Remo festival, some told me the single was also released in Greece but nothing has confirmed that, so if you have a Greek release please let me know.  Pity the Italian dj wrecked the recording otherwise it was a great Mungo Jerry song with a high hit potency. The song was also recorded by "Clint's Factory" and a Italien version by "Piero Focaccia" maybe by other artist too but I never saw or heard it yet. Beside the single the song was never released on any album or compilation untill now, it will be released on the new Sanctuary two-cd-set "Gonna Bop Til I Drop" Release date July 2007
My special thanks to Roel van Ekeris for his conrtibution
Clint's Factory Italian Release Mungo Jerry and Gioia Desideri Piero Focaccia Italian Release
As Ray Dorset told me the Lady on the picture is Gioia Desideri, a Italian film actress who did the "voice over" on the record, instead as we always thought it was a Italian DJ who did it.
Mungo Jerry Video
Mungo Jerry
PYE  P67.030 - Italy 1971
Dawn RR10012 - IsraŽl 1971
Clint's Factory
Telefunken U56152 - Germany 1971
Piero Focaccia
Rare MP 77551 - Italy 1971
Italian Sheetmusic