Paper Chase / We'll Love Again
Probably one of the most unknown songs written by Ray Dorset,  released in 1982. It seems like everyone forgot this single until Ray told me about it early december 2006. I did a search on internet and found this very rare release. I just wonder if anyone noticed this single before.
Sample Paper Chase
Sample We'll Love Again
Ilana was not her real name and I forget what it was, she worked as a movie extra and was in many successful films, the one I remember seeing her in was Mona Lisa. Cyril Wayne, one of the producers, was my co manager, I would like to know what has happened to him, Roger Limb, the other guy, worked at the BBC, for the Radiophonic Workshop, he produced a version of me, unreleased, singing the old rock standard, Sea Cruise, he also did the sound effects for the famous BBC TV series, Doctor Who. I know no more about the orchestra.
Ray Dorset - December 2006
Paper Chase / We'll Love Again ( Trombey, Dorset )
Published by Stage Coach Music / De Wolfe Music
Produced by Cyril Wayne
Arranged by Roger Limb
Distributed by PRT Records