Mungo Jerry Bluesband

Line up:

Ray Dorset: Guitars, Harp, Kazoo, Lead Vocals

Michael Pohl: Guitar

Klaus Wenske: Bass Guitar

Achim Patz: Keyboards, Harp

Klaus Otto: Drums


Onstage 9:25pm:

Statesboro Blues / Let's Roll / Morning Dew / Alright Alright Alright / Lady Rose / Rock Me Mama / Why I'm Sing The Blues / Going Down Slow / Dust Pneumonia Blues / Hello Nadine / Feels Like I'm In Love / Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black / Kickin' Back / Mighty Man / Baby Jump / Open Up (Extended version)  / In The Summertime / Just Can't Say Goodbye. Anchor: Wooden Heart (With Achim only) Let's Work Together / Really Had A Goodtime.

Off stage 11:40pm

Date: Saturday 20th August 2005

Vlaardingen – Melle (Osnabrück) – Vlaardingen 775km

After work I'll called Michel Pohl about the gig for tonight, I just wanna know on what time the gig was planned, nine o clock told Michael, watching the clock (half past 5) I realise we got to hurry if we wanna be on time. Just around 6 we drove away from home direction Osnabrück were we arrived just after nine. Shake hands with Ray and the other bandmembers and a short chat. When the gig started (open air) there was just around 50 fans but within an hour it was packed full. Beside the regular blues repertoire they played "old" hits in a fantastic way, after the gig Ray told me they practise this songs so if the fans are not really into blues music Ray can chance the set immediately, and it worked !! See the different between the original setlist. They played also a brand new song "Kickin' Back" from the new coming Bluesband CD, (yes indeed a new CD is in the pipeline) The gig ended just after eleven but the croud shout for more (Zugabe !!) ofcourse they came back on stage with an brilliant anchor. After the show a nice chat with Ray and the rest of the bandmembers and left 'round one o clock. Very very foggy, we had to slow down our speed and the highway was closed with a roadblock so we had to drive to the next town to hit the hightway. Because the fog and the extra km we came home at 4:30., tired but satisfied. We can't wait 'til the next gig from Mungo Jerry Bluesband.

Rob & Nienke.

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