Jesse James (Trad. Arr. Ray Dorset)
Now Jesse James was a man who killed many men,
He robbed the Glendale train,
All the folks from round about said, "Yes, without a doubt,
it was robbed by Frank and Jesse James"

Jesse had a wife to mourn for his life,
Three children they were so brave,
But that dirty little coward that shot him, Mr Ford,
And he laid Jesse James in his grave

It was on a Wednesday night when the moon was shining bright,
That I robbed the Glendale train,
All the folks from round about said, "Yes, without a doubt,
it was robbed by Frank and Jesse James"

Repeat Chorus

It was on a Wednesday night when the moon was shining bright,
Jesse was talking to his family brave,
When along came Robert Ford like a thief in the black,
And he shot Jesse James in the back

Repeat Chorus
Johnny B. Badde (Ray Dorset)
Johnny plays the guitar sittin' on the wall, yeah!
All the people all come come 'round, yeah!
All the girls, all of the fellers,
Love to hear him playin' 'cause they dig that sound, All right!
Ev 'ry body knows that John's a good looker,
He can get the girls, any one he wants, yeah!
See them stare when he is a-playin,
Dancin' and singin' they cant get enough, All right!
He plays in the sunlight, plays in the moonlight,
All night, all day, he never stops,
Come on, everybody, everyone of yer,
Clap your hands, jump and shout, lets have some fun, All right.
Jump Up & Down  (Ray Dorset)
God gave land to woman and man, woman and man took away all the land
God made woman, God made man, man for woman and woman for man
The world is cool, the air is free, the hills and the mountains the sky and the sea
The animals came, the fish and the birds, trees and flowers for the peopleís world
Who says you canít go here and there it aint in the book so itís no way fair
That you have to pay money to walk on the beach, to walk in the forest
Itís all out of reach to the good folks who have to work for their food while the law
Thinks itís better than me and you
If you wanna protest donít hang around, just get out folks and Jump Up aní Down
Jump Up aní Down, Jump Up aní Down  
Just Can't Say Goodbye (Ray Dorset)
Let me tell you 'bout a place I know 
Wild flowers an' the green grass grows 
The water runs free it's a place for you an' me 
I'm gonna be back there wait an' see 
There's an old mill stream where I used to sit an' dream 
The tree's the same where I carved my name 
I'm gonna miss the place some day


Just can't say goodbye, Just can't say goodbye 
Walkin' along with a girl on my arm 
She's wiping a tear from her eye oh yeah 
Times like this are tough 
I think she's fallin' in love 
But will she go with another guy 
Just can't say goodbye 
The little girl I love the best , Used to go out to the West 
We'd make love in the long green corn 
So fine she'd keep me so warm 
We used to stroll home after dark 
Take the long cut through the park 
Just can't wait to get back there 
I'm gonna miss the place someday
Just Her Way (Ray Dorset)
Now Molly works down at the store
Give her a smile sheíll give you more
Sheís always nice to everyone
Never down and always fun
Ask her how she stays on form
She says itís just her way
Now Molly does a real good job
It doesnít matter what sheís on
You guarantee sheíll
You just have to give her the eye
Ask her how why she does so well
She says itís just her way
Itís just her way to satisfy
Itís just her way to make you smile
Itís just her way sheíll light your fire
Itís just her way, shell never tire
Ask her how she keeps it up
She says itís just her way
Sheíll cut your grass sheíll walk your dog
Sheíll let you sleep just like a log
Sheíll make you dance sheíll make you sing
Yeah she will do most anything
And ask her why sheíll always say that it is just her way