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In The Summertime - Non English

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Laisseiz Faire - Pas De Doute Le Mois d'aout (In The Summertime)
Frankie - En El Verano (In The Summertime) Las Cuatro Monedas - En El Verano (In The Summertime)
Crickets Five - Wenn Der Sommer Kommt (In The Summertime / German Language)
German Dutch
Ivo Pavlik & Majestic - Rock S Monikou (In The Summertime) Nejsem Harlek˙n - (In The Summertime) Bloid Manson Group - In The Summertime / Greek Language Jumbo - In Estate (In The Summertime) Otto Brandenburg - På En Sommerdag (In The Summertime)
Chechic Greek Italian Danish
Indonesian Japanese Hawaiian