High Life Music Group
Winnie Martin & Torsten Lüderwaldt
CD "Highlights" Promo CD Lp 1974
Winnie Martin
Guitar - Vocals
Torsten Lüderwaldt
Keyboards - Vocals
Robert Jöcks
Mike O'Neill
Guitar - Banjo - Vocals
Bernd Boy
Washboard - Vocals
Andreas Oyen
Bass - Vocals
The in Germany based "High Life Music Group" started in the seventies as "The High Life Skiffle Group"
and released the first (self titled) Lp in 1974, including the Mungo Jerry song "Somebody Stole My Wife"
the band stopped in 1984 but came together again and changed there name.
A new CD "Highlights" is just released including the hits 
"Ich Fahr' Mit Der Lambretta - Jetzt Bügeln Wir Das Meer - Hey Hey Marlene and Ding Dong"
The first was a mega hit in Germany with more as 1 Million copies sold.
Winnie Martin is working on his solo CD and shall released somewere in 2007.
In the meantime Winnie and Torsten played also on the new Mungo Jerry cd "Cool Jesus"
Torsten played some gigs with Mungo Jerry in 2002, see "Gig Review"