Welcome to the covered section. You wil find 186 Different covers. It content all kind of covered Mungo Jerry songs from all over the world. In different languages such like, English, Spanish, Greek, French, Dutch, Norwegian etc. etc... and also instrumentals, James Last fr example.
All songs covered are written by Ray Dorset and are mostly hits from the seventies. Of course the first, world wide, mega hit: "In The Summertime" But also Baby Jump, Mighty Man, Lady Rose, Somebody Stole My Wife, Maggie, Lana, Living Ain't Easy, Peace In The Country and a lot more.
From the best to the worst, there are some really good covers made, listen for example to Shaggy's and (Sir)Elton John's (Reg Dwight) versions of "In The Summertime" ,  but there some more really good version, Bob Dylan used "In The Summertime" during a few sound checks...  You can listen it all by your self because all cover songs listed, has  a mp3 samples of 60sec. 
On the album "Living Next Door To Alice Cooper" from the Norwegian band "Dei Nye Kappelanane" you can listen to the Norwegian song "Anne Britt" (Lady Rose) and on the 7" single from "Faraon" you can hear the Chech version from "Peace In The Country", and don't forget to listen to the version from "In The Summertime" sung by "Headline"... And "Bees In The Summertime" from "Mieskööri Surisiat"  Some are recorded with additional vocals from Ray, listen to "In The Summertime" from "Robin"   There are also terrible covers made with weard translations, mostly from "In The Summertime" ... As Melanie Safka already sung in 1970: "Look what they done to my song ma" You can all explore it out by yourself and you will be surprised, in both ways.
And don't forget: The original version is always the best !!
Note: The background I used is intended as a wink

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