Ray Dorset
Mungo Jerry & Me
With Steve Pitts

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"Four decades of Mungo Mania"
Written on the backcover of the book:
His Autobiography
"Ray Dorset is Mungo Jerry!" Or so every 70s kid thought back in the heyday of their phenomenal 1970 hit "In The Summertime" (23 million copies sold worldwide). After all, if anyone ever fitted a wacky name like "Mungo Jerry" is was the wild-eyed white dude with afro and sideburns. In fact, by the time the band became a singalong pop sensation, Mungo Jerry as a band had performed in support of underground rock legends like Captain Beefheart and Peter Green. But when their most famous hit No. 1, Ray was still working in a London factory, havind been kicked out of school with no formal qualifications. Then, as he and his bandmates charted with follow-ups 'Alrigth Alright Alright' and 'Long-Legged Woman Dressed In Black' , they partook of the classic early 70s sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll lifestyle.... In Mungo Jerry & Me, Ray Dorset gives an eyebrow-raising, warts-and-all account of more than 45 years on the road in the rock business. From sacking by his own band/reinstatement by the record company (at which point Dorset finally became Mungo Jerry) to writing a surprise 80s disco hit with 'Feels Like I'm In Love' by Kelly Marie, the convivial but opinionated frontman takes us on an entertaining ride through ruthlessly cutthroat music industry. Straddling five decades of rock 'n' roll, we move from the wild days of the late 1960s to more politically-correct times, when Ray is obliged for the line. "Have A Drink, Have A Drive," from "In The Summertim' as part of an anti-drink driving compaign.....