Mighty Men
1970 - 1976
A Collection of 48 video clips, TV Clips - Live Performances... etc.
Runningtime +/- 220 min.
In The Summertime Original Video Clip 1970, In The Summertime Live WDR Beatclub 1970, Mighty Man Live WDR Beatclub 1970, Maggie, See Me, 
"Doing Their Thing" Live: Have A Whiff On Me - Mungo Blues (Dust Pneumonia Blues) - Somebody Stole My Wife - In The Summertime - Give Me That Harp Boy - Mighty Man.
Midnight Special, Cadillac, Johnny B Badde, Somebody Stole My Wife, Baby Jump, Santo Antonio Santo Francisco Live (with Italian overdubbing), Lady Rose (Original Video Clip), Northcote Arms, On A Sunday, You Don't Have To Be In The Army.
Ragna Rock 1973: Baby Jump - Alright Alright Alright - Open Up
Hello Nadine (4 div.versions), It's A Secret (8 div.versions), Lana, and a lot more